April 8, 2014

Día de los Muertos. [ November 2013 ]

by seven miles


the print that came out of the photo booth seemed like it was missing it’s true character…

© domini dragoone 2013, dia de los muertos, sugar, skull, make up

March 28, 2014

Round One: Fast Times in Palestine [ 2013 ]

by seven miles

first, i was asked to design covers for this young journalist’s memoir that reflected the dreamy times spent getting to know a side of the people that went against what is splashed all over the news media. balmy nights spent in conversation on porches, sharing a hookah, rich culture, a lot of heart, unexpected romance:

cover designs by Domini Dragoone


then we decided to switch gears and bring in more of the frenetic energy of her experiences:

cover designs by Domini Dragoone

ultimately, the cover design was repositioned and we went with a much more subdued design,  but i enjoyed exploring these designs in the early rounds! more of my work can be found at: www.dominidragoone.com

March 11, 2014

Dia de Los Muertos 2013 [ snapshots ]

by seven miles

i’ve been spending huge amounts of time on graphic design freelance work, and have neglected my blog for too long! all of the design work leaves me with less energy for personal projects, and i haven’t felt super-inclined to lug my huge nikon out to events . . . my recent decision to graduate to a fancy phone with a fancy camera has proven to be well-timed! i’ve loved going to places, events, on walks, etc, as an off-the-clock person who can participate more fully, but still had the walkie-talkie in my pocket to make some leisurely, relaxed images if something really inspired me. here are some snapshots from the Dia de Los Muertos parade in the Mission last November:



photos are all (c) Domini Dragoone, except the color image of me, (c) Patirck McCracken.

more of my photography can be found here: click me! thanks for looking,

May 20, 2013

sketch / music [ Dec 2012 ]

by seven miles


finally got to see Sigur Rós play live a few weeks ago, again, after about a decade. more beautiful than i remembered. they played my new favorite song, as well as new material (sigur rós goes industrial?! yes!), and my old favorite songs – complete with a face-melting untitled 8 as the last song (can’t top it). thank you!


© domini dragoone, sketchbook

May 14, 2013

It’s Always the Quiet Ones

by seven miles

It's Always the Quiet Ones

March 2013

March 20, 2013

Conservatory of Flowers [ Nov. 17, 2012 ]

by seven miles


a visit to the Conservatory of Flowers, located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


all photos (c) Domini Dragoone, 2012.

for the full set, please visit my album on Flickr.


January 6, 2013

Round One: Railtracks [ late 2012 ]

by seven miles

this is a design project i did last year for Counterpoint Press, one of my favorite publishers to work for. the texts they ask me to make covers for happen to sync so nicely with my interests, and are also simply great books. this one was a new printing of a work produced by two playwrights, originally performed as a theatrical piece, and then later the words were paired with a set of dreamy abstract images for a printed iteration.

Counterpoint asked me to think of a creative package that might serve the (relatively) short text and conceptual/dream-like quality of the word and photos as a unit—without resorting to expensive special processes. a challenge! i was given a batch of the photos from the book, and asked to use those in my designs. i knew the book would be produced as a hardcover, so i experimented with the pieces that make up that form: boards, papers & spine cloth that cover the boards, and paper jackets.

option no.1:


this first idea used a glossy permabind book that simply had one of the lovely images printed full bleed over the whole case. the gray vertical band is meant to be a belly-band of matte white stock printed with one color (a screen of black). i thought the contrasting textures, and saturated colors vs. dusty gray ink would make a nice, tactile package.

option no.2:


this option also takes advantage of a contrast of texture & color, but in a different way: my idea was to have the book boards remain uncovered, and only wrap the spine in a glossy binding printed with a slice of one of the photos. at left, the cover text prints as a spot gloss on the rough, dry boards. if we could afford one more process, i recommended a de-boss, hit with the spot gloss. (i hoped that nixing the cost of the paper to cover the boards might allow for this.) subtle, but not something i’d be able to pass in a bookstore without picking up to touch…

option no.3:


one thing i heard in my mind the whole time i worked on this project (in addition to the ephemeral voices of the narrators, speaking their memories) was the sound a train makes as it travels over tracks. clack clack… clack clack…. rummmmmbleclack clack … clack clack… as i ride a train to work each day, it’s sound i know well. this cover is a visual interpretation of that rhythmic and percussive sound, which is staccato yet at the same time, also very fluid and rolling. i considered printing screens of white and the white text on vellum, and wrapping a printed permabound package, but decided the dark-light contrast of a 4-color permabound case served the design better.

option no.4:


this option does suggest printed vellum over a printed case . . . which maybe kinda threw out the whole “no expensive bells and whistles” directive, but i felt like it was worth it to include it, for variety, if nothing else: the look is a bit younger, if the publisher decided they might want to skew the marketing towards a more edgy/artsy market. (which the book manages to be, even while being about train trips and stations, old memories, long-lasting associations . . . it’s such a great book. i love it : )  )

option no.5:


for the last two options (this and the next) i presented two designs that were just permabound books, no belly-bands or any other unique processes. this design is another take on the clackety noise of the wheels over tracks, this time pulling the type into the representation. i’m fond of it, i think it does the job quite nicely.

option no.6:


second plain permabound option. for this design, i thought of the simplicity of the text—it’s very poignant, but felt like clear water—so, single images, no shenanigans. one snapshot from the collection of memories. i let the type and the lines suggest the more foggy, layered quality and the sense of motion of the memories presented within.

i loved working on this book; can’t wait to get my copy of the finished book. 🙂

Counterpoint Press, February 2013, on Amazon.

to see more of my book cover and interior page designs, please visit my online portfolio.

December 23, 2012

this will all make sense later. [ the gate.01 ]

by seven miles

(foundation layer)

(something new)






rebar & scaffolding & drywall & framing.

December 6, 2012

sexy beast [ December 2012 ]

by seven miles



experiment / rough draft for an idea i’ve been thinking about . . .


(thanks to Tara for the title inspiration!)


December 3, 2012

gaultier / de young [ august 2012 ]

by seven miles




it was difficult to take a “bad” photo at this exhibit, so well-put together was the installation. beautiful lighting, and as has been exclaimed about by anyone else who saw the show- the moving video faces!! yes, they really were that fantastic to watch in real time, and added layers of kineticism and cheek to the show that felt like a perfect bonus touch.

if i had not waited until the second-to-last day to see the show, i would have gone back and taken more chances- the clothes and the exhibit design are doing the lion’s share of the work in these; i noticed while reviewing all of my images that i wanted to move in closer and pull out small areas to make the shots more ‘my own’, more abstracted. there is so much gorgeous detail in every one of these garments! i enjoy this collection of photos as inspiration-gathering and a nice bit documentation, but oooooh how i would have loved another pass. or two. or three!! (note to self for future reference – get self to shows asap, and leave plenty of chances for return trips!!)

i took maybe four times this many images- most are close in on smaller sections, like these. if you find yourself wanting a photo reference of a particular garment, feel free to ask if i have a shot of it in my files. i’m happy to share.

more of my photography work can be found HERE.